Family Practice

CHPG High Country Healthcare Family PracticeWhat is Family Practice?  Family Practitioners are trained to offer comprehensive medical care for all age groups from infants to seniors. Their emphasis is on prevention of disease, maintenance of health and the rehabilitation and the care of patients with acute or chronic illness, all while centering this process on the patient-physician relationship in the context of the family.  As a Patient Centered Medical Home, CHPG High Country Healthcare Family Practitioners puts the patient in the center of their health care.

Family Practice Locations:

A Family Practice provider has a broad and comprehensive knowledge of all aspects of medicine including (but not limited to) pediatrics, obstetrics and gynecology, orthopedics, surgery and psychiatry.  Family medicine and family physicians play a very important role in the U.S. healthcare system; nearly one in four of all medical office visits are made to family physicians.  The family provider is trained to assume a unique role in patient management, problem solving and counseling.  This core knowledge enables the practitioner to coordinate total health care delivery for the patient and for the whole family.

Family Practice providers support patients in learning to manage and organize their own care. Recognizing that patients and families are core members of the care team, Family Practice providers  work with patients to provide proactive, comprehensive care, better access to care and more coordinated care for their patients.

Here are a few ways our Family Practice providers do this:

  • We offer weekend and holiday sick appointments so you do not have to visit the emergency room when you are sick. Always call your CHPG High Country Healthcare provider first!
  • We have an online Patient Portal where you can update your personal information, view your health record, check appointment dates and view your lab results.
  • We ask for your email so we can send you important information related to your health through the Patient Portal.
  • All of our offices use the same Electronic Medical Record. We have all of your important health information in “the record” which gives us the ability to track and proactively help patients with chronic health issues. The record also helps us coordinate your care with other providers involved with your healthcare.
  • We are committed to lowering healthcare costs in Colorado any way we can.  One area where we can make a difference is in the high costs of medications.  CHPG High Country Healthcare providers prescribe generic medications instead of brand name medications 99.51% of the time.
  • Our website is full of health information and tools or you may contact the office where you are a patient and ask for tools to help you with managing your health.

What can you do to help? Join the team!

  • Talk with your provider about your health questions. Prepare three questions for your team before your visits.  Share successes and challenges you have had with your care in the past.
  • Tell your provider about other healthcare providers caring for you.
  • Take care of your health by following the plan you and your provider have designed.
  • Set goals you can reach and sincerely work toward them.
  • Talk openly with your provider team.  If you are having trouble sticking to your care plan or don’t feel it is working, contact your provider for an appointment to develop a new plan together.

At CHPG High Country Healthcare your good health is our goal.

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