Employer Resources

Occupational Health and Workers’ Compensation

Healthy employees equal productive employees. At CHPG High Country Healthcare  our goal is to  ensure that your company’s employee healthcare needs are effectively managed through our Occupational Health and Workers’ Compensation services.

P3292451CHPG High Country Healthcare is the provider of choice for Summit County when it comes to assuring employee fitness for duty, understanding job-specific physical requirements, and possessing the specialized equipment to perform industry-specific screenings. Our experienced medical team understands that employee health needs are unique for each type of business. At CHPG High Country Healthcare in Breckenridge, Frisco and Silverthorne our bilingual staff provides a wide range of services for both Occupational Health and Workers’ Compensation.

CPR Classes

We offer group rates for CPR classes at your business or in our office.  Please contact us for details.

New Regulations for DOT Physicals

New Regulations for DOT Physicals went into effect May 21st, 2014.  These new regulations required CHPG High Country Healthcare providers to become registered in accordance with applicable state laws. In order to administer these DOT regulated physicals it was mandatory that our providers successfully completed an extensive training course as well as a state issued examination.  Now, all medical certificates issued to DOT drivers must come from certified medical examiners listed on the National Registry.

The regulations now include a more thorough examination as well as additional testing for many abnormal results. The exam could include for example, a spirometry examination for a tobacco smoker or an evaluation by an endocrinologist for an insulin-dependent diabetic.

CHPG High Country Healthcare appreciates the importance of maintaining a healthy workforce.  For that reason, an incentive is provided to employers who elect to make these services available to their employees at no cost to them. The prices listed below reflect the occupational health discount offered for employer-paid services only.  Please contact Shannon Foley, Sales & Marketing Coordinator,  if your company intends to cover the cost of the DOT Physical exam and/or any of these additional ancillary services.

Occupational Health Price for DOT Physicals as of May 21st, 2014: $150.00 (includes physical, urinalysis & pulse ox).  Additional ancillary services such as a spirometry, chest x-ray, glucose testing, sleep study, audiometry etc. will be an additional charge.

The Employer Resources team at CHPG High Country Healthcare would like to take this opportunity to express our great appreciation for your continued business and choice of CHPG High Country Healthcare as your occupational health and workers’ compensation service provider. We greatly value your business and want to be certain we are attentive to your needs as an employer and community partner.

To discuss your options, billing and/or protocol changes going forward please contact our Sales & Marketing Coordinator, Shannon Foley at shannonfoley@centura.org .

About Our Team:

Our Employer Resources team will meet with you to determine the best program for your business. Whether large or small we will provide everything from simple drug or alcohol screening to Workers’ Compensation case management. Our goal is to develop a strong, working relationship with you as an employer so that we can best meet your needs.

As a locally owned health care provider, CHPG High Country Healthcare has been a viable part of the Summit County community since 1993. We understand what it takes to run a business in our unique mountain community. CHPG High Country Healthcare is committed to assisting businesses with containment of worker’s compensation, and healthcare costs.

Contact our Sales & Marketing Coordinator today to find out how we can help you with your Occupational Health and Workers Compensation needs.