Protecting Your Child

child-safetyAs a soon-to-be parent you think you have thought of everything before the baby comes. Well what about their safety? How do you protect them once they are in the world? CHPG High Country Healthcare asks current and soon-to-be parents to begin child proofing your home before the baby comes. It’s the best way to reduce an infant’s risk of injury.

  1. Childproof caps are not always child proof.
  2. Hotdogs, grapes, hard candy and nuts can cause children to choke.
  3. Car seats must be used by all children until at least age eight.
  4. Never use an infant car seat in the front seat.
  5. Take time to check out daycare providers.
  6. If your child is too quiet – check immediately.
  7. If a situation seems suspicious, report it.
  8. When leaving your child with a “friend,” be sure you really know and trust them.
  9. Research flu shots including when to get one for you and for your child.
  10. Keep medicines where children will have a hard time reaching them.

Our pediatricians can help you learn to foresee accidents, and help show you the best ways to prevent them from happening.